Skin Care

Benefits of Simplifying Your Skincare Routine

Have you heard all the hype around minimalist skin care? With so many cleansers, serums, oils, masks, treatments and other products available, it can be challenging to land on a routine that actually works for your complexion. Curious to learn more about the key benefits of getting back to basics? Keep reading to see how you can streamline your skin care routine plus extra advice on building the right regimen for you!

Preserve Natural Hydration

Too much of a good thing can lead to breakouts when it comes to your skin! Cleansing too often or with harsh ingredients can strip the natural moisture and dry out your complexion. This triggers the overproduction of oil, which in turn leads to whiteheads, blackheads and blemishes. When simplifying your skincare routine, start with gentle products such as organic face wash. Go slowly and take the time to see how a specific product affects your complexion before adding more steps to your regimen.

Skip the Toner

Although many of us abide by the conventional skin care wisdom of cleanser, toner, treatment, moisturizer, many experts say you can safely remove the toner if you're attempting to create a simple skin routine! Woohoo! Because most modern skin care products are pH balanced, the idea that we need toner to remove residue after cleansing is a bit outdated. Although if you love using toner, look for a formula without alcohol so it won't dry out your skin.

Limit Exfoliation

Manual or chemical exfoliation removes debris and dead skin cells to provide a healthy glow and prevent breakouts. As with many aspects of basic skin care routines, avoid overdoing this step. Too much exfoliating can lead to redness, irritation and breakouts. Stick to once or twice a week and discontinue use of a product immediately if your complexion has a negative reaction. If you aren't sure which product is causing issues, remove the steps in your routine one by one to see which one it is.

See a Dermatologist

If you feel like you've tried every product on the market but still struggle with breakouts, seeing a dermatologist can help you get to the bottom of your complexion woes. Often, using too many different ingredients on the skin can make acne worse instead of better! A doctor who specializes in skin care can recommend a simple regimen that addresses your most pressing concerns, from blemishes to fine lines to sun damage.

Focus on Practicality

Consistency is one of the most effective ways to see the benefits of your skin care routine. If you rely on a 10-step solution, chances are you won't keep it up long enough to actually see results. By scaling down the number of products you use, you can unlock the power of caring for your complexion with just a few effective products used each and every day! You also reduce the chance of developing contact dermatitis and other issues.

Now that you understand the great benefits of simple skincare, try sparing down your routine. Start with your favourite cleanser, moisturizer, sunscreen and organic acne oil to fight pimples and breakouts! Over time, you can add or eliminate products as needed to suit your lifestyle and desired results.