Happy April Fool’s Day everyone! We couldn’t resist joining in on the April Fools fun. We’re stoked to know that you were looking forward to this. We wish it was real, too. As much as a gummy bear lip balm would be oh so sweet, our product collab with Smart Sweets is unfortunately just a fun figment of our imaginations! 

But don’t worry! As you all know, we’re always exploring new and exciting products to add to your routine. Your feedback is incredibly important to us, and we want to hear your thoughts on what you’d like to see from us in the future. That’s why we’ve created a short survey for you to fill out, so we can create the perfect lip balm that meets all of your needs. 

You may fill out the survey here 💗

At Blume, we’re always committed to creating safe and effective skincare products that you can trust. So, while a gummy bear lip balm may not be in the cards (for now 😉), we promise to keep working hard and delivering the best products! 

Thanks for being part of our community 🤗