3 Ways to Stay Present During the Holiday Season

The holidays are here! It can often feel like time is moving quicker, and things are happening to us. But, you can feel in control of your day — even more, you can feel present, grateful and calm. How? Read the simple steps below.

1) Breathe!

It sounds so simple, but we often forget to do this. Right now, in this moment, let’s breathe together. Take a deep breath in through your nose. And a big exhale out your mouth. Roll your shoulders out, and do it again. A deep inhale through the nose, and exhale out the mouth. One more time. Inhale through the nose and a big exhale out the mouth.

How does that feel? 

It’s so simple — something we can do at our desk or at the dinner table. When I’m feeling anxious, stressed or nervous, I like to take three clearing breaths to help me re-set and ground into the moment.  

Of course, this can expand into a meditation practice. Building the habit of taking some deep, clearing breaths every morning is a great way to start the day. We suggest finding a comfortable seat, setting your phone timer for 5-8 minute, closing your eyes and just connecting to your breath.  It’s ok if your mind wanders, if your leg falls asleep, or you feel like you’re doing it wrong. Trust us, you’re not. Just breathe. Stick with it. You can even layer in anaffirmation statement (read more in point 3!)

2) Gratitude

This is a game changer. For 6 months I’ve been doing a gratitude practice every single morning. I have created a habit of waking up, grabbing my journal and heading to the closest coffee shop (no matter where I am in the world). And for 10 minutes, I write out everything I’m grateful for. Even the mornings I’m not feeling grateful, or the mornings I’m feeling tired, I manage to fill a page. I write out the people, feelings, experiences, places that I’m grateful for. This practice has helped me find gratitude in the smallest things. I’ve also noticed it helps me carry a positive attitude throughout the day. I’m more gracious to strangers, to my family, friends and to my team. 

I’ve also noticed I positive affirmations throughout the day — often announcing “I’m so grateful for you!” Or “I’m so grateful for this meal.” It’s contagious to share those affirmations out loud — and a beautiful practice to tell people you’re grateful for their friendship, their love, their presence etc. 

3) Remember: I Am Enough

Affirmations are the foundation of my meditation practice. Repeating a positive affirmation is proven to help re-wire our brain for more positivity, gratitude and self love. Simply repeating an I Am statement throughout the day can be a simple and positive reminder that you are enough. When doing my morning meditations, I like to inhale “I Am” and exhale whatever word I want to welcome into my day. It can be love, grounding, presence, gratitude, peace, patience — the list goes on! Finding your I Am stateful is easy. 

Take a few deep, clearing breaths. Close your eyes. And ask yourself “What do I need right now? What feeling do I want to welcome into my life today?” 

Whatever word comes to you, let it come. Don’t force it. That’s it! That’s your I Am Statement.

I use this phrase outside of my meditation — I repeat it when I’m in line at the bank, when I’m walking, or when I’m about to face a stressful or difficult conversation. I also put it on sticky notes on my fridge, my notebook, my laptop and my desk. It’s a simple practice to welcome calming, grounding and presence into your day. 

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