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A Guide to the Best Products for Periods

When it’s that time of the month, there’s nothing better than your go-to period products that are convenient, dependable and comfortable. Today, there are more...

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Can I Get Toxic Shock Syndrome From My Tampon?

How does a small cylinder of cotton cause something that sounds so extreme like toxic shock syndrome?! Did you know TSS can occur from tampon...


Your Period Cycle Explained

Your period shouldn’t be taboo anymore! It is so extremely normal and human. Why is it still uncomfortable to talk about?! For centuries it was...



We hear this term thrown around all the time, but what exactly is it? This term describes a set of symptoms that many people with...


A Guide to Tracking Your Period

Tracking your period cycle is similar to keeping track of your homework deadlines or knowing when your paycheque is coming in! It can provide some...


Why Does My Period Cause Acne?

Do you struggle with acne right before your period? Blemishes can appear at any time, but we seem to be the most prone to them...


Not All Men (Are Free From Periods)

Public restrooms are always a little awkward for everybody. Nobody enjoys doing their business in a bathroom stall, especially if you’re opening a pad or...


Menstrual Headaches: Why We Get Them and How to Alleviate Them

Dr. Sheila Wijayasinghe, who is a family doctor and health expert on CTV’s The Social, helps us better understand why we get menstrual migraines, how to get rid...


3 Reasons Why Menstrual Products Should be Free and Accessible in Public Washrooms

How many times have you been caught in a bathroom stall with no other option but to line your underwear with toilet paper and pray...