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Why Self Care is The New Going Out

Some mornings we wake up, feeling a little big heavier. The anxieties are weighing on us - “Am I doing enough? Am I doing it fast enough? Is there something else I should be doing?”

There is so much to experience, become, accomplish. And as humans, we are always haunted by the myth of our potential. This concept of missing out on a “life unlived” isn’t new, but it’s exaggerated in our digital age, where social media can make all of these feelings more intense. There are infinitely more ways we are reminded of what we are missing. Most people you meet throughout your day will tell you they are “just so busy these days.”  

What if you knew were enough, already? You are right where you need to be. Those feelings of overwhelm might just be telling you to take some time for self care.

Self Care is The New Going Out. But self care is so much more than just face masking and taking naps. It’s choosing yourself. It’s a reminder to take off your life and rest (thanks, Nayyirah Waheed). Self care, here at Blume, is self love. It’s knowing you don’t need more. More friends. More money. More Accomplishments. More stuff.

 self care is the new going out


What does rest look like to you? What does self care look like to you?

A long drive with your favourite album?
Bawling your eyes out in the shower?
Binge - watching Netflix?
Turning off your phone and and ignoring text messages?

Rest for me looks like Frank Ocean and Jhene Aiko and coffee and my favourite books.
It looks like wine and conversation with my best friends who inspire me the most.
It looks like slow brunch and sunny walks with my dog.
It looks like yoga, a sweaty workout, a long journal sess.

There have been times, many times where I neglected these things and connecting with myself, and instead accepted too many coffee meeting requests. Too many phone calls, late night emails. As someone that is really excited about and even obsessed with, my work, I don’t have a ton of “work” and “life” separation (like most entrepreneurs). I’m lucky to love what I do. But, the busier I get, I value my time more in a different way. I want to squeeze more out of every second and minute. What I’m really trying to say is, it matters more to me to be PRESENT now. When I’m with family, I want to be all there. When I’m with friends, I want to be fully present. When I’m working, I want to just focus on my work.

As the founder of a company that promotes self care, it’s important for me to try to live these values. I’m a better version of myself when I am rested and I can be myself, wholly. I can serve my friends and my family, customers better when like Oprah says “When my cup is full, I’m overflowing / my cup runneth over.” I don’t have this balance down yet and I don’t know if there even is one, but I try to scale back when I need to so I can be more intentioned. Then I let it be simple. I do less. Love More. Connect More.

 So next time you have plans for a big night out that you committed to weeks ago, but when the day arrives there is nothing more you’d rather do than binge watch Netflix and eat hot Cheetos - we’re here to tell you… not to feel guilty about that. In fact, think of it as your new wellness trend.


Blume Taran Ghatrora

By Taran Ghatrora
Co-founder at Blume