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Meet Meltdown

Breakouts are the worst. We’ve all been there and there’s few things more frustrating than having a pimple the size of a volcano appear when it’s least wanted. And we know, pimples are not the end of the world, but what if there was a way we would make them disappear overnight?

I was that lucky girl who had a pimple for every school picture or important event that you could think of while growing up. I also had a swooping side bang that covered half of my face (2008 was a bad year) so I wasn’t doing anything to help my acne. And to top it off, I was a picker. So, the night before something important, a pimple would of course appear and I wished SO bad that there was something that could make it disappear overnight. I tried everything you could think of, including toothpaste (which did not help AT all, FYI).

So, that’s why we created Meltdown. An acne spot treatment that actually works in times of need, and all the time. This bottle might look small, but it is mighty, and it can take down even the worst of pimple beasts. And, it doesn’t break the bank. Why? Because we believe skin care should be affordable AND clean.

So, let’s learn a little about the kinds of pimples Meltdown can take down.

  • Papules: Any small, raised bump. It can be independent or travel in a group and it’s usually red and inflamed.
  • Pustules: Could they have given this a grosser name? This is the most common thing people are talking about when they say pimple. It’s a zit with a white, puss filled bubble top. This is the type of zit you CAN pop, and it won’t scar.
  • Cysts: Usually caused by hormones, but not always, cysts are those pimples that you can feel before they’ve formed. You know the ones that are under the skin and hurt real bad?

The good news is that Meltdown can take down all 3 of these pimples with it’s unique mix of ingredients that work as antibacterials, anti-inflammatories, antioxidants and antimicrobials.

Black Cumin Seed Oil - Historically used by Cleopatra, BCS oil fights the bacteria that causes acne. It’s made of over 1000 chemical compounds like thymoquinone which works as an anti-inflammatory and zinc which fights the infections that cause acne. BCS works particularly well to fight the infection that causes cysts.

Rosehip oil is a natural source of Vitamin C and an antioxidant that can help with pigmentation and collagen production. It can help reduce the inflammation around acne and reduce scarring. Great for all 3 types of pimples.

The blend includes a mix of 12 different oils that all work together to fight acne and take down pimples overnight, while also diminishing scarring.

Blume Meltdown Acne Treatment

How to use:

Meltdown can be used in 3 unique ways

  1. As a spot treatment: Take just one drop of Meltdown and apply to pimples, after cleansing and before moisturizing. Let Meltdown dry, apply moisturizer and leave on overnight. Meltdown is invisible, so you can wear it during the day, but your skin does most of its healing at night, so it’s more impactful!
  2. With your face mask: Mix one drop of meltdown into your favorite clay mask, add water and apply to face as usual. Meltdown will shrink your pores, help with any redness and hyper pigmentation.
  3. With your night cream: Mix one drop into your moisturizer, apply as normal. Watch your pores shrink, redness diminish and hyper pigmentation disappear.

Meltdown has been a game changer for me. I am finally at a point where I feel good about my skin (only took 10 years), and I feel confident without makeup on. Pimples impact us all in different ways and for many of us, they can impact our self esteem, but they shouldn’t have to. Pimples can be treated without harsh chemicals, drying or peeling skin. I hope Meltdown works for you as great as it did for me.

- Bunny