Blume Babes,

How Meltdown has Changed Lives

The number of rave reviews we’ve received about our acne spot treatment Meltdown continues to blow us away! We’re thrilled to hear that this product has helped so many of you regain confidence in yourselves and your skin. Though skincare products are not always universal and everyone reacts to products differently, Meltdown has already helped so many people with such distinct skin types. This includes those with acne-prone skin, sensitive skin, dry skin, and even those who experience hormonal or cystic acne and scarring. Whether it’s a DM on Instagram, a review on our website or a recommendation you’ve given to your gal pals, we appreciate all of the support but most importantly we appreciate YOU.


Meet fellow Blume Babe @sc.e.nic

This brings us to one of our Blume Babes who reached out and shared her personal experience with us. “I’ve struggled with painful cystic acne on and off for a few years now but Blume helped me finally clear up my skin,” she told us over DM. Within a couple days of using Meltdown as a spot treatment it managed to take away all of her inflammation and redness. Having extremely sensitive skin, she was surprised she did not experience one bit of irritation!

While she had previously experimented with a variety of costly dermatology treatments such as antibiotics and retinoids, we’re proud to say that Meltdown, an all natural product, helped her clear up her cystic acne and finally feel good in her skin. Hearing that her skin hadn’t looked this good in over a year truly put us on Cloud 9.


Meltdown Before and After


How to Use the Blume Product Line

If you are struggling with a similar skin situation, this customer has kindly shared how she implements Blume Products into her skincare regime. Using our gentle face cleanser, Day Dreamer, twice a day she then dabs 1-2 drops of Meltdown on her finger tip and applies it to her skin via a Jade Roller. Occasionally, she applies some calamine lotion as an overnight mask and uses rose oil or olive oil as a moisturizer. As breakouts can be linked to deficiencies in Zinc, Vitamin E, Vitamin C and Vitamin A, she also recommends taking vitamins and minerals.

When using Meltdown as a spot treatment we recommend cleansing your face first and then applying one drop directly onto any troublesome areas with your finger tip. If you are layering products, apply Meltdown first, letting it penetrate and seep into the skin before applying anything else. Alternatively, if you want to use Meltdown all over you can add a couple drops to your moisturizer and mix it together.

Want to try?

If you’ve been looking for a road map to glowy skin we’ve got you covered! We’re excited to offer you a special discount code and help you find your way to better skin. When purchasing Day Dreamer and Meltdown together on our website, use GLOWYSKIN to get a free jade roller.

Let’s Blume Together!

While we love that our products are helping so many of you feel good in your skin, we want to empower you to share your personal stories and contribute to this growing sisterhood of bad-ass individuals. Nothing makes us happier than seeing you, our beautiful Blume Community, interact with each other in the comments and share your own skin-care routines on your personal platforms. We’re always here to listen and support you in your journey so feel free to DM or email us at any time.