10 Benefits of Including Jojoba Seed Oil In Your Skincare

Already familiar with jojoba esters in exfoliating skin products? Did you know that the oil from these seeds are also good for your skin? If you didn’t before, now you do! Carrying many great benefits, we’re proud to include it in our mighty Meltdown product. So, what is jojoba oil good for? These are 10 benefits of the oil for your skin.

1) Deep-Skin Hydration

Hydration is one of the most important elements of good skincare! Using jojoba oil for face moisturizing will deeply penetrate your skin to reach and treat the layers below the surface. Many moisturizers will only treat the top layer of skin. Jojoba seed oil is different. It works hard to achieve and maintain healthy skin beyond the surface! 

2) Nourishing

There are tons of vitamins, antioxidants and minerals in jojoba seed oil. AKA, it’s very nourishing for your skin and can help it stay strong and healthy for longer hours throughout the day.

3) Fights Aging

Speaking of long-term skin health, another one of the jojoba oil benefits is its ability to fight aging. Again, this is mostly due to its awesome moisturizing properties! It can prevent fine lines and wrinkles by hydrating and delivering the necessary nutrients to your skin.

4) Long-Lasting Effects

Some water-based moisturizers will evaporate from your skin *womp womp.* Jojoba seed oil stays in your skin longer to provide continuous hydration.

5) Won’t Clog Pores

At Blume, we use jojoba seed oil for acne treatment. Part of the reason for this is that it helps treat your skin without clogging pores. Yup, you read that right. This oil is very similar to the natural, healthy oils in your skin! It can deliver all its benefits without causing (more) acne breakouts.

6) Soothing for Dry, Damaged Skin

The oil is also an anti-inflammatory substance, a huge win in our books! When your skin gets dry and damaged, it hurts because it’s cracking and inflamed. Jojoba seed oil can deliver fast and long-lasting relief.

7) Gentle on All Skin Types

Some of us have sensitive skin that can be hard to take care of, we hear you. Fortunately, jojoba seed oil is gentle and non-allergenic! So, even if you’ve had trouble with other products, you can feel confident about this one to take care of your skin.

You may be thinking, can I use jojoba oil on my face everyday? Heck yes! Since it’s so gentle on the skin, it won’t cause damage from overuse like some other products.

8) Non-Greasy

Jojoba seed oil is a lot like natural skin oils. This means it penetrates the skin deeply (doing the hard work to keep our skin healthy) without leaving a nasty, greasy residue like some products. 

9) Anti-Microbial

Bacteria and other microbes on your skin can cause infections and other problems. This superstar oil, Jojoba seed oil, is naturally anti-microbial. This is key, as one of the top benefits of jojoba oil for people who struggle with acne! 

10) Soothing for Sunburns

Getting a sunburn is no fun. Not only does it hurt, but it’s also very damaging to your skin. Jojoba seed oil is an effective way to deliver moisture and healing to your skin post-sunburn.

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