Blume Construction: Letters From Our Customers

Dear Blume Construction:

I want to take this opportunity to take you for the quality of home that you have built for us.  With that, I have a story to tell.  Today, when I got up, the temperature outside was -13 with a wind chill of around -30.  The high temperature here today was -3.  Per our thermostat setting, the temperature in the house was 70 degrees.  At 7:30am, the thermostat rolls back to 60 degrees while we are at work and nobody is home.  I have been home and working in the basement, so I can hear the furnace each time it runs and have been paying attention to it.  I know this is hard to believe, but the furnace did not run one time all day!  At 4:00 pm, it started running to ramp up the temperature to 70 when everyone gets home around 5:00.  I went upstairs to see what the temperature in the house was at the time.  It was an unbelievable 64 degrees.  So from 7:30am until 4:00pm, with below zero temperatures and windy all day, our house lost 6 degrees of temperature.  It is no wonder the homes you build are given the Government 5 Star + rating for energy efficiency.  I realize that energy efficiency pays off every day, but on a day like today with a temperature difference between inside and outside of around 70 degrees and to only lose 6 degrees in 8 ½ hours is a testament to the quality and energy efficiency of the home.  Thanks again,

Rick Tieken

Dear Bob,

I am writing you this letter to thank you for your work on our new home.  We are extremely happy with the quality of work your company does and all the assistance you offer.  As you are aware, this was our first home and we were very nervous and apprehensive about what was ahead.  After talking to some other builders in the area our fears and uncertainties seemed to get even worse.  However, after talking with you we began to come more relieved.  You and your company made building a first home a much less frightening experience, from your cooperation in selecting designs to fit our budget, to helping us get in touch with a respectable mortgage company.

I would recommend your company to anyone looking to build a new house.  Feel free to show this letter to anyone you wish.  If I can ever be of assistance to you, please let me know.


Mike Ursini

Dear Bob:

When I first shared the news that Barb and I were going to build a new house, one response was, “how strong is your marriage?”  The implication (offered only partly in jest) was “the venture will be difficult, emotionally draining, and potentially destructive!”

Now that the task is complete, Barb and I thank you for leading and guiding us in a most exciting, meaningful, and personally fulfilling venture.  Planning together with your insight, leadership, and counsel, considering and making changes at appropriate times while understanding clearly the implications of these changes, and following the process to completion have resulted in a truly great experience.

We were especially impressed with each of your sub-contractors: the quality and efficiency of their work, their obvious good feelings about working with you, their friendliness and interesting in answering questions, and their promptness in making adjustments, or in correcting a problem.

Above all, we feel a deep friendship with you.  We appreciate not only your professional expertise, but your leadership in the community, and a special combination of a home-spun and well-read philosophy of life which always enlivened and enhances our conversation.  With the house complete, “we miss you and your staff”…an interesting anthesis to the initial word of caution and homebuilding!

Most Sincerely,

Gary and Barb Reif

Dear Bob,

Just a short note to express our appreciation regarding the house you built for us.

I remember the first time we visited you to explore the possibility of having our house built.  Given your soft approach to bid, and open communication with your clients as well as associates, we were quite impressed and quickly convinced to have you build our house.  And, that was a wise decision we made!

We consistently had pleasant experiences with various crew members for different aspects of house building.  The interactions with your team members enable us to realize how effectively you and Bill Phillis work with them rather than having them work for you.  We especially appreciate that you were able to maintain the timetable, and you logistical plans allowed us to move out of our apartment, and into the house at appropriate time.  Considering the complexities involved in building a house, your building plan was executed with remarkable smoothness.

Now that we have had an opportunity to live in the house for a few months, including part of the winter, I am pleased to note that the utility bills have been quite reasonable.  No unpleasant surprise about utility bills generally pleases a customer.  Indeed, our personal appraisal of the quality of the construction have been fully satisfactory, making it a pleasure to live in the house you built.

We hope you continue to work with them, and build more houses in Peoria!  Please feel free to use our names on your reference list.  We shall be happy to tell your prospects of our pleasant experiences.


Nimish Gandhi, Ph. D. & Pratima Gandhi


I just wanted to write to let you know, your quality construction really paid off last winter.  A while back some friends and I were talking about the high cost of heating bills and I was amazed to find out that their bill was nearly double that of ours for the same period of time.  We both have very similar style of houses and both were built in the same year as well as we both like to keep the thermostat set at a comfortable level.

Thanks again for the quality work you have done.  It has not only paid off in compliments but in savings on the heating bill as well.


Mary B. Davis

Dear Bob,

Thanks for the work you completed on our mirrors.  All is in place and my wife is very happy, so am I happy.  I cannot say enough for your son Bob.  He is such a good person and I have enjoyed getting to know him.  You two have given us a fine home and most of all a trust in your integrity and honesty.  Thank you.

Ken Weeks

Our home is so energy efficient that Ameren/Cilco actually came out and change our electric meter.  The reason they gave was that there had to be something wrong with the meter since our electricity usage was so low during very warm weather.  As it turned out there wasn’t anything wrong with our meter.  We keep our thermostat at a very comfortable level.  Our utility bills, both summer and winter are much lower than our friends who have both comparable size/age homes and even those with smaller homes.  Your energy saving construction methods have really paid off in reduced utility bills for us.  That you once again for proving we chose the best builder in the Peoria area.

Gary & Sharon Hatmaker

Dear Bob,

You have given us a very fine house.  Your workmanship is exceptional and your honest and integrity are beyond expectation.  We plan to build again and hope you will be our builder.

Ken Weeks

Thank you, everyone at Blume Construction…ever so much.  What a wonderful surprise the Red Lobster gift certificates were!  We also cannot thank you enough for our beautiful home!  IT was a pleasure working with you to create our dream home!  Again, many thanks and a blessed New Year to all of you.

T. Vanshaick

Dear Bob,

It has been just over a year since we took possession of our home, and although I’ve kept waiting for things to go wrong, or to see things that I didn’t like, and of course dreaded the expected battle working through the fixes…there has been absolutely nothing major that needed to be done!

The quality construction and craftsmanship shows throughout the home, the design is extremely functional, the energy efficiency has provided us with utility bills that are comparable with the bills we paid in our previous home (which was about ½ square footage) –in short, our home is a place of which we are very proud.

Throughout the construction process you and your subcontractors made every effort to keep communication lines open.  Everyone was extremely responsive to our design requirements; our requests were considered and other options were presented where it made economic sense (I suspect some contractors might have just rubbed their hands together, taken the money, and ran—but you didn’t and we appreciate that very much).

In the instances where we did have minor problems, you were extremely quick to make the corrections even though you had many pending projects.  How you were able to juggle all the construction requirements and still get the project completed in a timely manner was simply amazing.

Again, thank you very much for helping to make a dream come true.


Dennis, Sandy & Sarah Reed

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