Does it Cost More?


Building a Super Energy-Efficient Home is Affordable

Anyone can say they offer energy-efficiency.

Blume offers Energy-Smart Construction that actually saves you money, and WE HAVE THE UTILITY BILLS TO PROVE IT.

Blume Energy-Smart Construction gives you a solid, high performance home that pays you back in better comfort & lower utility bills, year after year.

But does it cost more??
The answer: Actually, NO.


Some people may say that you don’t have to “waste money” on extra insulation & on creating a high performance envelope for a home, but then go on to recommend two furnaces and two air conditioners for a 3,000 square foot home.

Blume builds homes that are so solid & well-insulated that they need only one furnace and one A/C (no zone heating/cooling is necessary, even in 6,000+ square foot homes!)

This saves you thoughts on initial HVAC expenses and produces a comfortable home with lower utility bills.

You save on you initial capital costs (with less HVAC equipment) as well as the associated yearly interest on the cost, and you have lower utility bills, year after year!

Save even more on your utility bills with “5 Star Plus” Energy Star certified home.

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